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  • Account typePure
  • Original ownerno
  • EmailUnregistered
  • Does It Come With That Emailno
  • Bansno
  • Registered with Jagex Launcherno
  • Quest points4
  • Pets0


I dont have




Doric quest

Notable Achievements / Diaries

1/41 Varrock diaries

Reason For Selling

Just play my main, no time for this acc

Account Description

Absolutely nothing special about the account. Level 1 def. Has nothing crazy valuable. Just looking for gp to fund my main!

The Process

If you are not in the Facebook group already, Join here

After payment, Joel will create a Facebook group chat with you and the seller.(Always confirm Joel's blue checkmark) (Group chats can take up to 12 hours to be created)

1.Confirm a time that best works with all parties.

2.The middleman will log in to confirm the account.

3.Change the email, password, and all other security information. Start Scaping! Account trades are usually completed within 24 hours of purchase.

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