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PlayerStash is where gamers learn about new games and can then swap what they earned in one game to boost their next gaming adventure. Whether it's for cosmetic boosts, to catch up to your clan, or just to save time from grinding; PlayerStash has your back with a payment FREE process!

PlayerStash was developed by gamers for gamers! Our team is professional and knowledgeable in all games we offer. We handle your swaps efficiently and professionally while keeping you safe and secure. Switching from game-to-game has never been easier!

We are 100% US Based and we cater to all countries.

We want to make the experience friction less allowing every gamer to swap! You will never be asked to make any sort of payment and everything you trade is 100% safe and secure. Each game does have its own rates that determine what you're eligible to get on another game. This is solely based on supply and demand.

Most people that start a new game eventually stop playing. In that time they built up their account levels and in game wealth but have nothing to do with it after, so it collects dust. With PlayerStash, we want to change that so, you can turn that unused account or wealth and convert it into a boost for another game!

It's simple! you will be directed to a delivery page, where you will be asked to connect with a LIVE REP. who will then be assigned to you, ensuring that the process goes smoothly 100% of the time. He will instruct you on where to meet and trade-in your game currency. Right after he will either provide you with a new account or trade you in the new game. That is it!

This is great! Let us provide you with the FREE account, any account provided by PlayerStash is swappable back for value. Meaning if the account is level 0 when we give it to you and you bring it back level 99 then that account will be able to get you something else on the PlayerStash platform. Why only PlayerStash accounts? this ensures the account is safe and that no one can ever recover it. Once, given to you the account is 100% yours and can never be recovered unless you swap it back to us. We want to make investing time in any game not just go to waste when you are done. This is why we created this feature!

Easy! swap it back! choose the game you want, our system will give you a live quote and wallah you are back in whatever game you want.

Having more money in the game allows you to buy businesses, weapons, and vehicles giving you an upper hand against any opponent.


What can I get with Cash


Armored Kuruma


Armored Kuruma

The Kuruma has bulletproof armor peanils and bullet resistant windows that rarely shatter under small arms fire.Owning one of these is handy to succeed at heisting and they make most missions very easy compared to many other cars.


Cocaine Lockup (Morningwood)


Cocaine Lockup (Morningwood)

Great start for a classy powder shop. Close distance to a lot of dealers and their clients.





The vigilante is a weaponized super car. It is based on the Batmobile.


Insurgent Pick-Up


Insurgent Pick-Up

The insurgent pick-up is the closest vehicle to being a tank without actually being a tank. It has an external roll cage and a roof-mounted 0.50 caliber machine gun which can be used by anyone standing on the roof or sitting in the rear cabin seats.


Savage Attack Helicopter


Savage Attack Helicopter

The savage attack helicopter is great in any missions its allowed to be used in. It is an amazing tool for vigilante justice and asset protections with the ability to fly, carry passengers, and use built in guns.


Eight-Bit Arcade (Vinewood)


Eight-Bit Arcade (Vinewood)

Perfect record shop and hangout that is an amazing drug front in this part of town.


Casino Penthouse (The Diamond)


Casino Penthouse (The Diamond)

A penthouse at The Diamond is not just a palace. It's your palace. With a private spa and home cinema, you can play luxuriously with a penthouse at The Diamond Casino & Resort.


Vapid Caracara 4X4


Vapid Caracara 4X4

The Vapid Caracara is a great off-road vehicle. The design is based on a Ford F-150.


Lampadati Toro


Lampadati Toro

The Lampadati Toro is a high-end speedboat. The design is based on a Riba Aquarama Lamborghini


Vespucci Canals Nightclub


Vespucci Canals Nightclub

Owning this club is a perfect way to make legitimate income but also act as a place for other illegal businesses.


Hookies (Bar and Seafood Restaurant)


Hookies (Bar and Seafood Restaurant)

Great business to buy that generates a weekly profit of $4,700. After becoming the owner, you can participate in side missions which include defending the business from gang attacks or delivering alcohol.





The Up-N-Atomizer is a futuristic alien pistil. When used, it will look like a glowing coil before exploding into a small blue blast. Instead of traditional ammunition, it recharges its shot after two seconds.


*Please note we offer services for virtual games, which cannot be converted to physical or digital goods. All products we offer cannot exit the virtual world.

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