Want to be on our PlayerStash game show?

You came to the right place!

What is the PlayerStash Game Show?

Our NEW game shows are a fun way for our loyal customers to WIN FREE prizes without needing to make any purchases. We hope the content is fun and enjoyable for everyone and what better way to create exciting content than with using our own customers as well!


What type of shows will you air?

We plan to do many types of game shows. We know how funny it can be putting several contestants up against each other and seeing what they will do, which is priceless. We will try to stay creative and original while coming up with new show ideas all the time. If you like what we offer, 

subscribe to our Youtube channel here.



How do I get on the show?

To get on the show is simple! You must be a Silver or higher status Looter at PlayerStash. You can apply to be on each episode weekly at NO COST TO YOU. It is easy to get to silver status! To check how to get silver status



We believe in rewarding our customers!


Many of our customers asked us to come up with a great way to earn FREE rewards without needing to make a corresponding purchase. We hope to keep this an ongoing reward for our loyal customers. Make sure to like, comment and subscribe so we can keep making this show possible.


*Please note we offer services for virtual games, which cannot be converted to physical or digital goods. All products we offer cannot exit the virtual world.

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